March 28, 2014

RISD folks, I highly recommend attending this workshop on Wednesday, April 9th (looks like that one might only be for Illustration majors) and this lecture on Thursday, April 10th by my friend Mark Siegel, head of the innovative and illustrious graphic novel publisher, First Second Books––home to the likes of Faith Erin Hicks, Gene Luen Yang, Paul Pope, and many other incredibly talented artists. Mark is one of the good ones out there. It is worth your while to hear what comes out of his brain and put it in your brain.

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    If I could go back in time and take this workshop, I would!!
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    Dang—jealous of those RISD kids! I would jump at the chance to take a workshop like this in NYC.
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    Who can resist :01 Editorial Director Mark Siegel AND educational talks about comics?