September 23, 2013


I’m The Art Show, Deal With It! A Legend of Korra Tribute (by PixelDrip Gallery)

PixelDrip Gallery put together this great short documentary about the Korra fanart show they presented earlier this year. It was a wonderful event and this video does a nice job of showcasing a lot of the people and art that made it so special.

A note about the point I was making, or trying to make, at the end of the video: I think making fanart of all kinds (illustration, fan fiction, cosplay, sculpture, knitting, etc.) is fantastic. And I think making fanart as a stepping stone in order to create your worlds, characters, and stories is even better. I’m delighted, honored, and constantly amazed that people are inspired and motivated enough to dedicate their time and talent to making something based on the Avatar-verse. Mike and I have received some really nice letters from published authors who each said that writing fan fiction for ATLA is what gave them their start in writing. Countless artists and writers have inspired us and continue to do so, so it is wonderful to lift our noses from the grindstone once in a while to find that our work is doing the same for others. So as much as I enjoy fanart, I also want to see what amazing original ideas and artwork people have waiting to be unearthed from their heads and hearts.

(via avatar-mom)

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